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Part of the experience of working with an external agency or consultant is that they bring an added value to your current team, or that they operate as part of your team bringing an independent point of view. At Paul Sullivan Marketing we focus on bringing strategic marketing and audience development plans layered on an emphasis of deep dive client data extraction. It’s only by truly understanding the emotive triggers of your buyers that you can implement strategy to attract more like-minded individuals.

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“It is my sole ambition to entice businesses and brands to step away from what is considered the most important part of the buyers persona – The Buyers Journey, and accept that you can’t bake the cake if you don’t have the full recipe.”

– Paul at a Santander Business Event

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First Step

Research & Analyse

Every successful marketing automation, social media campaign or website design starts well by putting the client or end user at the heart of the project. By approaching the project with an “I know best” attitude and not putting the effort in to research what will work best. You are setting your company up for complications or a lack of leads and brand stickiness down the line. Overall, a waste of initial time and effort.

Second Step

Processes & Procedures

Once you have defined your customer, audience and or end user for your product or content, you can map your internal communication and sales workflows. By understanding what your recipient is looking for and how they want to receive it, you can then start to amend your processes to better suit the consumer. Ultimately ensuring better return on your investment.

Third Step

Develop & Test

Finally, once you have concluded stages one and two, you will still need to test and retest your outputs. This ranges from content headlines, body copy and  imagery pertaining to your audiences expectations. To landing pages, website user experience, and email content, copy and design. You should never be happy with your first iteration of anything you produce.

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