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Inbound is the only option for Lawtech marketing

Why Lawtech marketing is a thing for the future The relationship between a lawyer and a client is crucial to building trust. And because lawyers handle their clients’ most sensitive secrets, that trust is essential – without it, the client will go elsewhere. Which is why...

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Insurance in the age of Airbnb

What changes are in store for insurance in the age of Airbnb The rise of the on demand economy has forced many organisations to re-evaluate the way that they do business. Disruptive start-ups like Airbnb and Uber have caused seismic change in their respective industries (hotels...

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The banks come calling for FinTech start-ups

The banks come calling for FinTech start-ups While much of the financial press is obsessed with how FinTech start-ups are set to destroy the incumbent banks (or at least severely damage their profits), a handful of European banks are taking a different tack. Some are adopting...

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