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Fintech Start-ups can continue the revolution if marketed correctly

FinTech Start-ups FinTech start-ups have ensured the FinTech revolution is well underway, generating huge excitement among venture capital investors have pumped 12 million dollars into the market in the hope of identifying Silicon Valley’s next unicorn. But with the exception of some notable names (Funding Circle...

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Inbound Marketing: Insure against Insurance Aggregators

What are insurance aggregators For consumers, insurance aggregators or comparison services like or Compare The Market offer exceptional value. With just a few mouse clicks, they can obtain dozens of quotes from insurers, saving themselves hours that would otherwise be spent filling in individual forms,...

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Aviva Drive – how insurance became a game

If you’ve watched any TV over the festive period, there’s a good chance you will have seen an advert for the Aviva Drive smartphone app. The one with the family determined that their driving is the best, and using the Aviva Drive app to prove...

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The importance of buyer personas for inbound

Just who are you talking to? The importance of buyer personas for inbound marketing is something that should not be dismissed at all. The principles of inbound marketing are based on knowing the personality traits and preferences of your target audience. Without a reasonable understanding of what ‘makes them...

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How do you produce good content for your customers?

Inbound Marketing relies on a mixture of technical elements to help you in getting found, but you’re also only going to get found and convert visitors into leads by producing good content. What constitutes good content? Perhaps more importantly, how do you produce good content for your...

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