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What to expect from content marketing in 2016

What to expect from content marketing in 2016 Content marketing continues to grow in popularity with some estimates suggesting that it will account for at least 31% of budgets in 2016. Similarly, 2016 is expected to be the first year in which marketers spend 50% or...

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5 examples of great user experience

Following on from our post on what user experience is we’re counting down 5 examples of great UX. There are lots of features that work to improve user experience, and some are becoming commonplace, as businesses prioritise design and UI/UX. For example, a drop down...

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What is user experience?

User experience may be talked about a lot, but what is it and why should you care about it? The term user experience is commonly used now among designers, advertisers and marketers alike. But for those who perhaps aren’t familiar with this term, or aren't sure what...

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Thought Leadership? FinTech marketing is broken

Fintech marketing is broken As customers begin to control more and more of the sales cycle, inbound marketing has been an important tool for grabbing attention and market share online. Generating genuinely useful content that answers customer questions – even those they didn’t know they had...

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