Companies or platforms ready to scale are about or have "crossed the chasm" and have made significant increases in profit and turnover to up scale their marketing or product development actvities
First Step

Research & Refine

You have successfully crossed the chasm and are now looking at how to go national or global. Sure you can already be in several foreign markets but each market brings its own challenges and you need to be segmenting and identifying these markers, constantly refining the “to who” and “the why”.

Second Step

Internal Structure & Support

Whilst we are certainly not a talent management agency, we have a partnership with consultancy that specialises in talent acquisition globally. As the talent pool expands, political ambition ensues and we are excellent at managing the multi-stakeholder onboarding process. Our partner has recruited talent to some of the fastest growing NASDAQ listed companies, helping them achieve double-digit growth.

Third Step

Key Growth Strategy

Scaling a business often combines developing new products and services, or entering new markets, of which we are distinctly capable of providing new market research. Often new sales channels need developing and it’s easy to lose customer focus and become product focused. Growth can be ‘organic’ or ‘inorganic’ and again we ensure we ground you with the sole ambition of keeping your buyers engaged and happy, ultimately extending the lifetime value of the customer.

Fourth Step

Co-operate, Market & Advertise

Scaling a company is such a lofty ambition that it is inevitable that multi-agency or consultancy teams will be created. Often hybrid in-house and external resources combine over lengthy periods to achieve the desired outcome. Again, Paul Sullivan Marketing keeps the focus on the ultimate aim of keeping customers happy and adopting a true customer centric approach to the effort.

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