Start Ups

To us a startup is a well funded organisation that has fast-growth ambition with a viable business model around an innovative product, service, process or a platform.
First Step

Understand Your Position

You are post the ideas stage. You have a product, service offering or platform that has fast growth potential that can be sold in a very large market. You can be well funded, typically a technology company, although this is not always the case and should at least be post seed in regards to investment.

Second Step

Identify Your Market

You may already have a foothold in your marketplace, but typically at this stage you have a toehold and are now looking for a comprehensive strategy to help you accelerate sales. It’s now that you conceptualise a plan for marketing using marketing automation or by using growth hacking methods. Typically the latter should be observed first.

Third Step

Ongoing Testing

Whilst your platform, product or service is readily available, you should be planning to utilise the data you collect from the customers that purchase and building personas to help define and target further activities. Testing, should cover your product as well as your marketing activities. Helping to define your brand further.

Fourth Step

Optimise Your Messaging

Once you have completed a pathway from steps 1-3, you are now looking at optimising your messaging across the channels that your customers are using. You don’t waste effort by pushing outputs into every channel, you create what is required and continually optimise every action, testing along the way. This will set you up perfectly to go for Growth.

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